WATCH: John Oliver UNLEASHES Humiliating In-Depth Takedown Of The NRATV

On the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver (we are LOVING this show!) took a closer look at the National Rifle Association’s propaganda media branch known as NRATV.

Oliver explained that NRATV is little more than a marketing department for gun retailers, labeling it “a vessel to sell America guns.” He focused on the network’s transparent attempts to recruit women, playing a clip from NRATV in which a female spokesperson explained: “If you get  the woman, you get the family.”

He also talked about NRATV’s “Love at First Shot,” a show dedicated to convincing women to feel more comfortable with firearms, describing the show as a “QVC for guns.” The show also sells tons of accessories, such as a handbag designed with many pockets to cater to concealed carry holders.

“Girl, you don’t even need a gun because people are going to die when they see that bag,” Oliver quipped.

In another episode, two women shoot paint cans to make splatter art for an expecting mother to use in her future nursery.

“So when someone inevitably asks why you have what appears to be a blank canvas with a large bloodstain hanging up in your child’s nursery, you’ll be able to completely reassure them by saying, ‘Oh yeah, my friend shot that for me,’” Oliver said.

However, Oliver also showed how NRATV could strike some pretty dark tones by highlighting an ad spot in which NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch uses dramatic rhetoric as she listed the reasons why owning a gun is the only way to ensure your safety as an American.

“The only way we save our country and our freedom is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth,” she said, which Oliver joked was “just a little past the bent elbow of nonsense and hiding in the overstuffed pocket of overly aggressive metaphors.”

Oliver’s biting commentary on the NRA’s naked attempts at brainwashing women into buying guns is just one example of how the gun lobby has burrowed into every aspect of American society like a gluttonous tick with an insatiable appetite for blood.

In truth, the NRA couldn’t care less about the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers, or even the U.S. Constitution for that matter. Because they don’t even care about human life.

The only thing the NRA cares about is gun profits. America could have 10,000 Sandy Hook massacres a year, and the NRA would only lobby harder to arm more school personnel; perhaps with AR-15s conveniently sold by many of their business partners.

In November, Americans will have the opportunity to disarm the NRA by taking out a lot of their political bullets.