JUST IN: North Korean Leader Invites Trump To Meet, Here Is Trump’s Response

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has invited Pres. Donald Trump to meet. Here’s how it all went down.

The big buildup

Yes, it was a very big deal.

South Korea makes the announcement that confirms the news.

We learned that Trump had received the invitation and would likely meet with Kim Jong Un.

Yes, Trump has accepted the invitation to meet.

This is legitimately an important question.

Not likely. But he (or someone) should. I’ve long opined that we should appoint Dennis Rodman as ambassador to North Korea.

Remember: our president is a douchebag.

Oh great, THANK YOU @NastruckHarold. Now we all suddenly remember what a douchebag our president is. Ugh.

As a reminder that @NastruckHarold isn’t too far off the mark…


Who gets the credit?

The leader of South Korea must be commended for his leadership and diplomacy.

It was his hard work and strong diplomacy at the Olympics that laid the groundwork for this historical development.

White House Flickr

But of course, our president is already lying.

And trying to claim credit. But let’s remember that Trump actually once praised Kim for killing his family members. Maybe Trump’s hoping to get some ideas to get rid of JarVanka? (I kid)


We’ve come a long way from “Rocket Man” and “Dotard.”

AGAIN…President Moon is f*cking amazing. Can’t believe he brought these two clowns together.

As Americans, we have been overdue a good day. Today is a good day.

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