Far-Right Women Are Fine With A Racist Teaching Their Kids (TWEETS/VIDEO)

The profile picture of
The profile picture of "Tiana Dalichov" next to Dayanna Volitich's picture at the Crystal River Middle School site (photo art courtesy HuffPost via Twitter and Citrus County Schools)

Last weekend, a middle school teacher in Florida was exposed as the hostess of one of the most notorious white nationalist podcasts on the Internet. By the time classes resumed for the following week, she had been booted from the classroom.

But believe it or not, one set of moms is actually rallying behind this teacher. Specifically, one of the most exclusive clubs in the nation–the alt-right women of the Web.

Last Friday, HuffPost revealed that Dayanna Volitich, a social studies teacher at Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River, Florida–roughly halfway between Tampa and Gainesville–was moonlighting as “Talia Dalichov,” hostess of the white nationalist podcast “Unapologetic.” She openly boasted about how she injected her racist beliefs into her lessons, and rooked administrators into backing her when parents complained.

The February 26 episode appeared to be typical for Volitich/Dalichov’s act. When one of her guests scoffed at the idea that a Nigerian kid can have the same IQ as a Swedish kid, Voltich loudly agreed, saying that “science” proves” certain races have higher IQs than others.

“Dalichov” frequently praised and retweeted notorious racists like David Duke, Arthur Jones, and Patrick Casey. She was also a raving Islamophobe who claimed terrorist attacks would only stop if Muslims are “eradicate(d) from the face of the earth.”

HuffPost started sniffing around after Angry White Men, a blog that tracks white supremacist activity, flagged a “Dalichov” interview with of the more prominent women in the white supremacist movement, Lana Lokteff. HuffPost reporters perused “Dalichov’s” social media profile, and discovered her picture bore a striking resemblance to that of Volitich–right down to the same set of earrings.

Soon after HuffPost started making inquiries about those connections, “Dalichov” disabled all of her social media profiles and disabled her podcast. It was too little, too late. On Sunday night, school officials removed Volitich from the classroom pending investigation.

When word got out that Volitich had gotten the boot, the women of the alt-right howled in outrage. Take Lokteff, for instance. She is one of the main hosts of “Red Ice TV,” one of the more notorious white nationalist media outfits. Watch this week’s edition here.

Lokteff claimed that reporters are on a “witch hunt” to unmask closet white nationalists in our classrooms. But then Lokteff inadvertently admitted why these racists need to be ferreted out. She recalled how she and Volitich fantasized about creating whites-only schools. In such a system, Lokteff and Volitich mused, “the kids would be scoring so well, and it’d just be like peace and good times.”

Another one of Volitich’s defenders is Ayla Stewart of “Wife with a Purpose.” All you need to know about Stewart is that she posted a paean to the days of apartheid in South Africa. You’ll have to take my word for it–for obvious reasons, I’m not linking to it.

Stewart was one of several Volitich supporters who called Citrus County school officials and urged them to let Volitich come back to the classroom. Angry White Men got a clip.

Stewart said–with a straight face–that “there’s a lot of us that don’t feel her views are extreme at all.” Uh huh. Believing that it’s not possible for people of races to have the same IQ isn’t extreme? And wanting an entire people wiped out isn’t extreme?

Bre Faucheux, host of a network of alt-right podcasts–one of which she co-hosted with Volitich–has spent the last few days demanding that the media leave this innocent woman alone.



On the latest edition of “This Week on the Alt-Right,” Faucheux claimed that while Volitich had been “red-pilled on race,” she wasn’t really a white nationalist. But in a blog post supporting Volitich, Faucheux singled out one of the HuffPost authors who fisked Volitich, Rebecca Klein, with an “echo,” the three parentheses used to single out Jews for harassment and trolling. She also accused Klein of being “radically anti-white.”

In an attempt to unring the bell, Volitich herself claimed her podcasts were merely “political satire and exaggeration.” Really, Dayanna? Then why did you feel the need to lie to your principal? As the son of a teacher, and someone who counts a number of teachers as friends, you’re a disgrace. You’d better get your resume updated, because you’re done as a teacher.

Indeed, the mere fact that there are people actually willing to defend Volitich actually proves why teachers like her need to be rooted out and sent packing. The mere thought that kids’ heads are being turned with this racist claptrap should send a chill down any fair-minded American’s spine. Remember, there were a large number of teenagers and twentysomethings at the recent Tiki torch rallies. Whoever finally decided that Volitich had to go deserves a medal.

(featured image: photo art courtesy HuffPost via Twitter and Citrus County Schools)

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