Betsy DeVos Tries To Dig Out From Disastrous Interview–And Fails (VIDEO/TWEETS)

Betsy DeVos touring a Florida school with Donald Trump (image courtesy White House, part of public domain)
Betsy DeVos touring a Florida school with Donald Trump (image courtesy White House, part of public domain)

If you look at Donald Trump’s administration, many of the key players have had us wondering, “What is s/he doing here?” The questions are probably the loudest about Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

This is a woman who has no understanding whatsoever about what her department does, and no background to speak of in education. The closest thing she has to a qualification for her post, Michigan’s charter school system, is an utter failure by any measure. She also seems to spend a lot more time on vacation than actually doing her job. From the looks of it, she’s only there to help Trump service the massive political debt he owes the religious right.

DeVos’ inadequacy was put on stark display on Sunday’s edition of “60 Minutes.” She sat down for an interview with Lesley Stahl–and to put it mildly, it was a dumpster fire. Watch a clip here, courtesy CNN.

DeVos had a hard time answering basic questions about school performance in her own state. She claimed there were “good options” for Michigan kids, but was forced to concede that “I can’t say overall that they have gotten better.” Stahl pointed out that Michigan is evidence that yanking funding doesn’t lead to improved schools.

Reportedly, DeVos’ performance was so awful that White House officials were shaking their heads. Apparently they made their concerns known to DeVos, because she took to Twitter to try to staunch the bleeding. But it didn’t work.

DeVos first tried to accuse Stahl of not being interested in the state of Michigan’s public schools.

One problem–Stahl was asking why Michigan’s schools were struggling. And it didn’t seem that DeVos had a ready answer. You would think she would, considering the influence she has had on MIchigan’s schools.

DeVos also tried to puff Detroit’s charter schools by sharing an article from Michigan Radio, the NPR network operated by the University of Michigan.

However, if you looked at the actual article, it’s headlined, “Test scores at Detroit charter schools twice as high as city’s public schools, but both are bad.” Moreover, according to The Washington Post, reading and math test scores for charter schools are actually lower than the state average.

Word to the wise, Betsy. When you’re in a hole, the first rule is to stop digging.

(featured image courtesy White House, part of public domain)