Trump Unleashes His ULTIMATE Secret Weapon To Combat School Gun Violence, Betsy DeVos

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In the wake of the horrific Valentine’s Day school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which claimed 17 innocent lives, Donald Trump has finally decided to do something about gun violence in U.S. schools. He’s going to have Education Secretary Betsy DeVos figure it out.

On Sunday, the Trump administration released a series of proposals concerning gun restrictions and school safety. One of Trump’s plans includes controversial a provision to support arming school teachers who theoretically would then confront and neutralize school shooters.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s a regurgitation of the idiotic National Rifle Association (NRA) “good guy with a gun” fable the gun nuts try and sell us after every mass shooting.

Trump says that he wants to “harden” American schools, because being “gun-free zones” make them too soft. One person who wholeheartedly agrees with her boss is Betsy DeVos, who ties Ben Carson for second place for being the worst and most unqualified person to hold a government position, you’ve probably already guest who’s in first place.

In lieu of anything that vaguely resembles meaningful gun reform, Trump’s elected to authorize a federal school gun violence commission to try and figure out “what the hell’s going on.” And the chair of this historically irrelevant commission will be none other than America’s dumbest education official Betsy DeVos.

Now some might say I’m being a little too hard on Betsy, so let’s take a closer look at her “qualifications” for her current job.


gun violence

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And here’s a report card via The Alliance To Reclaim Our Schools on DeVos’ performance so far as Education Secretary.

gun violence
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And if you need more reassurance that Trump has his “best and brightest” working on the school gun violence problem, just take a look at her most recent interview and be awed by her intellectual majesty.

So the NRA’s most prominent political prostitute, who currently resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, has managed to deliver for his master in a big way. Like every other Republican, Trump’s going to bury any chances of real gun reform under a mountain of meaningless bureaucratic noise designed to lull Americans into another long slumber until the next mentally unstable person decides to take their perfectly legal assault rifle and visit their local school.

We can and must stop these people before more blood is spilled in our classrooms.