‘Where Is He?!’: Stormy Daniels Attorney Trolls Trump’s Gutless Lawyer During BONKERS CNN Debate

Stormy Daniels
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Attorneys for both adult film star Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump‘s personal lawyer Michael Cohen squared off Tuesday on CNN in a heated debate.

Arthur Schwartz, who represents Cohen, accused Michael Avenatti of poorly advising his client to “blatantly violate a contract,” claiming that Daniels is now liable for $20 Million.

However, Avenatti slapped his “bombastic comments” down with ease while pointing out that there are numerous “holes” in his case.

Host Anderson Cooper played bemused referee as they continued to go at each other. At one point Avenatti turned to Schwartz and asked, “Why is it so important to your friend and the President of the United States to keep this woman under wraps, to keep her under the thumb, to shut her up?”

When Avenatti exclaimed how he’s looking forward to taking his case before a federal judge, Schwartz replied, “You’re gonna go down in flames.”

He accused Avenatti’s client of being a gold digger who’s “out for more money now” right before he flat out accused the attorney of “committing malpractice.”

Then Aventatti turned the tables by pulling out a large picture of Schwartz’s mysteriously low-profile client and inquired tauntingly:

“If Michael Cohen is such a stand-up guy, where is he? Where is this guy? Why won’t he come and sit in this chair?… He’s been invited numerous times, he won’t come on the show, he’s dodging the questions!”

Visibly annoyed, Schwartz ridiculed his opponent’s “prop,” then challengingly shot back, “He can’t wait to sit there and talk with you.”

The entire hilarious mess only continued to go downhill from there. Here’s the video.

The ease with which Stormy Daniels’ attorney explained why the non-disclosure agreement was invalid and how he planned to win, should be troubling if you’re Michael Cohen, and terrifying if you’re Donald Trump.

Is it too much to hope that they televise this trial?

Featured image via YouTube.