The Sexy Vintage Bikini, A Short History In 15 Photos

vintage bikini

Vintage-look bikinis are all the rage right now, and you can buy them on Amazon and on specialty sites. BUT….none of those are really vintage bikinis. If you want a REAL vintage bikini, Etsy is aflush with them. Here’s one, and these polka dots….**swoons**


I’ve always been a one-piece chick. I’ve only had one bikini in my entire life, a white one that looked great with my pre-skin-cancer-scares tan. I’ve just always had poor body image, even when I weighted 100 pounds. I know, that’s very sad.

But my mom? Whole different story. My mom had a bikini that was turquoise/aqua velvet (velour?) that had round gold rings at the front of the top and on each hip. I swear, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen at that time. Like the one below (sort of).

vintage bikini

So let’s take a look back in time when wearing a bikini was quite daring (and brave!) and people went to the beach to admire the latest trends.