Paul Ryan Publicly Panics While Attending Conference, Suspiciously Suggests Cover-ups Heading into November Election

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (R. WI) has earned the reputation of officially being one of the most spineless Representatives in Congress. Perhaps even one of the weakest cucholded House Speakers in U.S. history.

Ryan’s entire agenda seems to be based upon making America’s wealthiest citizens, even richer, and keeping their poor down in the dirt where he believes they belong. based around making the rich richer and especially the poor poorer.

However, since his puppeteer Donald Trump became president in January of 2017, Ryan’s had a little more on his plate and has had one key role: turning the GOP’s House majority into Trump’s own little private protective agency.

But evil as he may be, Paul Ryan is not an idiot. He fully well knows that the massive coverups and collusion of Trump’s corruption will abruptly end if Republicans lose their majority in the November mid-term elections. He even implied as much at the Milken Institute Global Conference.

Here is what he predicts will happen if Democrats win control of either the House or the Senate.

“You’ll have gridlock, you’ll have subpoenas,” with the whole legislative system “shutting down.”

Wait…what? What does he mean, subpoenas??? Is Paul Ryan implying/confirming that crimes have been committed? Is THIS why he’s opted to not seek reelection for his House seat?

In mid-April, we wrote the story about Trump’s Art of the Deal ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, saying that Paul Ryan’s (very) early retirement was a sign that “the house of cards is coming down.” I think most of us assumed Ryan is retiring because of a looming House defeat by Democrats. And this seems to support that, BUT….it seems that Ryan’s fears may be far worse than any of us could have imagined.

Jail time?

Sorry, Pauline, but I’m PRETTY sure you can still be subpoenaed even if you are too cowardly to stay and face the music.

From New York Magazine.

“Ryan’s House has been run essentially as a subordinate arm of the Trump administration. Ryan and his party have quashed votes to compel release of Donald Trump’s tax returns, and they have used their investigative power not to oversee the presidency but to harass and intimidate the Department of Justice into falling into line behind the president’s whims, to the point where the acting attorney general had to bluntly accuse House Republicans of trying to “extort” him. Trump and his family have used their power to enrich themselves personally, with no hearings or oversight whatsoever from the House. His Cabinet members have likewise misspent funds and abused their authority without any accountability from the committees that are putatively tasked with the job.”

“Paul Ryan doesn’t like to talk about this part of his job, because he cherishes his reputation as an idea maven. But Ryan has played an invaluable role covering up and enabling Trump administration scandals. When he says his party needs to keep control of the House to prevent subpoenas, he is both promising the cover-ups will continue if his party keeps its control of government, and expressing his clear belief that he opposes any level of independent oversight of the Executive branch.”

And this, via Blue Dot Daily.

When the history books on this era are written, there will be special chapters dedicated to people like Paul Ryan, all about their massive cowardice in enabling the most inept, corrupt, and dysfunctional Presidential administration in American history.

Image via Gage Skidmore

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