Video Surfaces Of World Leaders Snubbing Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump can’t get any love. Poor little rich girl. She tries soooooo hard. Is thirsty. Hungry. Yet can’t get no respect.

At the G-20 Summit this past week, she gleefully tried to insert herself into a conversation with French Pres. Macron, IMF head Christine Lagarde, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and British Prime Minister Theresa May. And it was disastrous and cringe-worthy.


Twitter reacted predictably.

Honestly, I feel a little bit bad for the girl. Haven’t we all at one time or another stood aside and been COMPLETELY IGNORED? Yep. But she’s not used to it, you see. Maybe she’ll learn some humility now that she’s a pariah to the world she cares about? Doubtful.