Robert Mueller Investigation Update Triggers Attacks From GOP ‘Snowflakes’

Robert Mueller investigation updates trigger GOP opposition
Robert Mueller comes up against GOP in US Capitol.

What’s made the Robert Mueller investigation update in October impressive thus far was his team’s ability to keep things under wraps. This should clue everyone in as to how serious the inquiry by the Special Counsel is – especially when it goes after the Trump Train baddies.

Already, with the indictments of Paul Manafort and his associate, Rick Gates, Mueller’s efforts are showing results. Even more because on the Monday that they announced the charges, Mueller’s office also revealed that George Papadopoulos, another Trump stooge, had pleaded guilty on October 5 for lying to the FBI.

Protective of Robert Mueller investigation update

Papadopoulos’ confession had been a secret for weeks now; at least secret to the press. His initial arrest this summer also went unreported. But before Gates’ and Manafort’s arrest, for the entire weekend; charges remained a secret with no leaks, triggering a consistent stream of speculation and accusations.

Cries from the Right have increased to end the Robert Mueller investigation. The update triggered every reason Republicans can find to exaggerate and indoctrinate their pro-Trump base. For instance, mega-hypocrite Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) was on Fox News with Chris Wallace on October 29 where he pretended to be outraged by the idea that recent update of indictments from the Robert Mueller investigation could have been the result of leaking information.

The churn pattern of the media revealed that CNN was the only media outlet that had the story. There was further confirmation of the indictments from NBC News that Sunday. Over that weekend, media outlets were saying they could not independently verify the claims outside of CNN.

Trey Gowdy: Illegitimate Defender Of The Rule Of Law

One piece of information seems to reveal that a defense attorney might have been at the center of the “leak, as they reportedly said that Friday that they were bringing their client to court on that Monday, launching their initial report.

Gowdy expresses fake outrage that someone would leak information collected by the grand jury. In fact, he positioned himself to even accuse Robert Mueller of leaking that information. In his interview, he said that when he had met with Robert Mueller before, that the special counsel stressed the importance of preventing leaks. As already mentioned, their ability Mueller’s office takes to avoid leaks is quite apparent.

At the very worst, the mentioned defense attorney might have said something to the wrong person or said it too loud. But even a determined reporter would be able to get what they needed to publish their findings. Also, note that a defense attorney would not have been part of Mueller’s team anyway.

So, any leaks would already come from those associated with the Trump Train, by extension. Even PolitiFact took notice of this and compared it to another interview with Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.).

Gov. Christie also leaned in the same direction as Gowdy. Here is a video segment with CNN where Christie repeats the same sentiments from Trey Gowdy.

Their article specifically points to a defense attorney not being confined to secrecy rules. It also refers to CNN’s about Sources Cited video segment.

Gowdy sets foundation to end Mueller investigation

This didn’t matter to Gowdy, however, because Republicans are looking to discredit Robert Mueller and his investigation. Such a display shows that Gowdy and other Republicans will find a reason. The South Carolina representative made his diabolical intentions clear during the interview. Gowdy said that he found it ironic that Robert Mueller, the same person who had leak concerns leaked – or in his words – had “violated the law.” Again, there should be no question about Mueller’s investigation.  And, the fact that Gowdy is creating one stinks of diabolical intentions.

Also, Gowdy would have you believe that no one knew who the charges were for and why they were coming. You can see the set-up here as the Republican falls in line with other right-wingers to attack the press. As we already know, the Trump administration has single-handedly targeted the press and press freedoms. We’ve seen how he has clumsily set up an anti-media operation that defies negative press coverage about him.

Manipulating the Press

Those of us focused on the news cycle quickly figured out who the charge was for and why. Of course, both Gowdy and Wallace are referring to the speculation surrounding results of the investigation before the facts come out. But because we know that Republicans want to reduce the attacks on their president, if we defy the accuracy of speculation from those reports it only means giving them leverage against the criticism. And sure enough, the speculation would end up making anyone who did, correct.

Now, with the first set of charges, we saw the administration position itself, much like Gowdy has, to discredit the Mueller investigation. Republicans are establishing their effort to end further updates. Pro-Trump conservatives will find leverage from media reports that say that the indictments had nothing to do with the Trump campaign’s investigation to Russia. But this was before the reports on Papadopoulos. The Trump administration is already using this to their advantage, and all Republicans and Trump loyalists will now get on board.

In fact, just last week, a select number of the House Republicans revealed a resolution to stop Robert Mueller and the update from his investigation. The Business Insider detailed the fact that those House Republicans had made a public display on Tuesday evening for Mueller’s recusal.

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