Why The Christian Right Loathes Jesus Loving Liberals

Cannot Jesus protect himself?

How weak is the Lord? How pathetic are his people that his flailing and failing flock thinks he must be a part of everything they do?

If your version of Jesus must be protected and projected into every single part of your life, then he is either flaccid or you are terrified.

Which is worse?

A pathetic God that needs constant protection?

Or that his impotent white trash Trump-voting minions in a state of vitriolic chaos must constantly run around screaming “the sky is falling” while erroneously doing the bidding the invisible bearded clown warrior never beckoned for?

The most logical answer?

The Republican Jesus

The Trump voting “fake news” white one that applauds our allegedly illegitimate president as he brags about grabbing married pussies, cheats hardworking businesses out of billions just for the fun of it and lives to lie to his flock of fools that voted him into office?

If that’s the Jesus you believe in, keep him.

A deity like that can only rule demons.

Maybe that why Trump’s “good Christian” Jesus-loving lawyer funneled $60 million bucks.

You and he are both pathetic night-scavenging parasites of dank and despair.

So begone. Crawl back into your holes, those feverish red state Trumps-capes of hate and decay you allow Republican legislatures to willingly decimate.

Let Them Hide Behind Their Jesus Until the Rapture

And be sure to give us a friendly wave…as you descend down to the depths of Hell.

The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation asked 1,686 American adults to answer that question and found that religion is a significant predictor of how Americans perceive poverty.

Christians, especially white evangelical Christians, are much more likely than non-Christians to view poverty as the result of individual failings.

Republicans can keep the God they believe exists.

As for liberal Christians? We’ll keep the Jesus of the New Testament.

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